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Easy Decant for Miracle Spray
I have been making up the Miracle Spray but I then put it in a clean laundry bottle with a tap on it. That way it is easy to decant to the spray bottle. Oh, and I used it on the BBQ to clean it - I now have a new looking BBQ!
Contributed by Karen Witek, 8th March 2014
Homemade Windex
I just made the best homemade window cleaner I've ever used and I just had to share it with everyone.
To make you will need:
1 empty spray bottle (I used my old window cleaner bottle)
1/8 cup cloudy ammonia
1/4 cup metholated spirits
1/2 teaspoon cheapskates washing powder mixed with enough boiling water to dissolve

Mix all the ingredients together in the bottle and then fill to the top with tap water. To use, just spray on glass and mirrors then wipe with a lint free cloth or paper towel. Your glass will be streak free and shiny.
Contributed by Carma Hambley, 5th May 2013
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MOO All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

You will need:
2 litres white vinegar
Peel from at least 3 oranges, more if you have them (just the peel, try not to get any pith).

Slice the orange peel so it will fit into the vinegar bottle. Store the bottle in a cool, dark cupboard for two weeks. Shake it occasionally. That's it.  You can add additional orange peel as you eat oranges, just be sure to shake the bottle well after each addition. You can do this until the bottle is full.  To make more, decant half the vinegar into a clean bottle, top with fresh vinegar and add fresh orange peel.

To use
: Strain the peel out of the citrus cleaner. Dilute one part citrus cleaner to two parts water in a spray bottle. Use as you would any spray and wipe type cleaner.
MOO Super Strength Shower Cleaner
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup dishwashing liquid

Step 1. Warm the vinegar in the microwave for 40 seconds.
Step 2. Slowly stir in the dishwashing liquid, mixing until it is thoroughly combined with the vinegar.
Step 3. Pour into a 500ml spray bottle.

To use: Spray showerscreen, tiles and base liberally with the Super Strength Shower Cleaner. Set your timer for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes wipe over with a wet cloth. The soap scum and grime will wipe away, no scrubbing needed. Rinse the shower with cool water and you're done!

It really works.

Note: Be sure to use full strength dishwashing liquid (I dilute mine 50:50 with water for dishes and general cleaning) and you can use the cheapest detergent you can find - I often pick up dishwashing detergent on sale at $2 shops just for making Super Strength Shower Cleaner.

Tip of the Day, 7th March 2013
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Vinegar is Not for All Things
Vinegar is a great cleaner around the house, but there are some things that should not be cleaned with vinegar or any mixture containing vinegar. Do not use vinegar on anything made of stone, including marble, granite, travertine and terazzo. Vinegar is an acid and it could damage anything made of these materials, including benchtops, floors and shower bases. Vinegar is a good, frugal cleaner, but use it on stone and it could end up costing you more than it saves.

Tip of the Day, 29th January 2013
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Odd Socks and Chux
Odd socks get a second life in my household they are used for cleaning they fit like a glove over my hand. I still use a Chux when I am doing the dishes however once the Chux have been washed and used a few times they then become a lining in the base of my pot plants. This in turn helps to keep the moisture in the plants and stops potting mix escaping from the pot plants !! - Contributed by Renay Thomas, 22nd July 2012
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Natural Orange Surface Cleaner
Approximate $ Savings: $4.99 plus depending on the amount you make

Put fresh orange peels in an air tight mason jar. Cover the peels with white vinegar up to the top. Put the jar up high somewhere and mark it 'do not touch', just in case little hands get into it!. Leave the peels for 10 days up to 14 days. Strain the liquid into a spray bottle, or back into another mason jar for storage, throw away the peels. This makes a fantastic natural surface spray, combining the vinegar and power of the orange oil from the peels. You can use it straight or dilute with some water. It works great all around the house! - Contributed by Jacqui Antoine, 23rd March 2012
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MOO Bleach
For a greener and fresher smelling bleach solution mix 2 cups water, 3 tablespoons liquid soap and 30 drops of tea tree oil. - Contributed by Tonia Channon, 19th March 2012
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MOO Dishwashing Liquid

1 1/2 cups finely grated soap
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 litres warm water
1 tbsp glycerine
4 drops pure essential oil (orange or lemon are nice)

Add the soap and the water to a large saucepan. Stir over a low heat, stirring constantly, until the soap is completely dissolved. Remove from the heat and stir in the glycerine and the essential oil. Let the mixture cool completely then add the lemon juice. Beat until well combined and the mixture is very smooth.  Decant into a pump bottle. To use add the solution to your sink under running water and scrub away.

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Miracle Spray Recipe

1.5 litre water (1 cup boiled)
300ml vinegar
60ml dishwashing liquid
25ml eucalyptus
3 dessertspoons "Lectric" soda

Mix lectric soda with about 1 cup boiling water to melt, add remainder of ingredients, pour into 2 ltr bottle (I use the vinegar ones). That's it folks!!!

To Use:
This nearly fills the 2 litre bottle, then I decant (don't you just love that word) into spray bottles for benches and laundry, and refill old toilet cleaner bottles to squirt under the rim in the loo etc.  It's also good to spray on the floor on tough stains , you know the stuff you dropped when cooking that dried. I originally got the recipe from another site and just tweaked it a bit. I love it, as I try to minimise the use of chemicals around the house. With the collars and cuffs, try to spray and leave to soak for a few minutes works best I've found, so I spray as I sort, then do the whites second rather than first load to give the spray a chance to work.  - Contributed by Joyofquilting

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Keep Your Furniture Glowing With This Homemade Polish
Approximate $ Savings: $80-$100 per year
I came across a recipe for furniture polish that is inexpensive. It is from a gentleman in America, who has owned a furniture store for more than 30 years. His tip is : polish a piece of furniture every day for a week. Then polish it once a week for a month. Then polish it once a month for a year. Then polish it once a year for life. The ingredients: 1 part boiled linseed oil, 1 part turps, 1 part white vinegar, a few drops of essential oil e.g. lemon, lavender (I have cinnamon leaf, which is very nice). Place ingredients in a screw top jar and shake well. Use a soft cloth dipped in the polish onto any wood or veneer surfaces, then buff with a clean dry cloth. The polish soaks into the wood and leaves a beautiful shine. The linseed oil is approximately $8 per litre and can be purchased at any hardware store, along with the turps. I use half cup measurements for the three equal parts, depending on the amount of furniture to be polished. Any polish left can remain in the jar till next time. Just give it a good shake before use. It is a great saving, as furniture polish can cost anywhere from $6-$10 per small bottle. Contributed by Julie, Strathpine, 2nd June 2009
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Another Paper Duster
An even easier way to make a paper duster, if you have a invested in a shredder to get rid of all those personal papers and prevent "identity theft", is to put a few sheets of newsprint folded to a manageable width and thickness into the shredder, shred to the last 10cm or so, reverse the shredding action, and hey presto! the fingers of your duster are finely cut and ready to be rolled and banded! -Contributed by Judy, 15th February 2009
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Eucalyptus Spray Cleaner
Approximate $ Savings: $5.00 per 750ml surface spray bottle
Instead of buying commercial household surface spray cleaners which contain harmful chemicals for people and our planet, take an empty 500-750ml spray bottle and add 1 tablespoon of pure Eucalyptus oil. Fill up to top with water from the tap. Voila, a pleasant smelling, hygienic, economical and non-toxic household cleaner. Use on all surfaces. A couple of tablespoons of Eucalyptus oil into a bucket of water makes for an excellent cleaner for wooden floor boards. - Contributed by Susie, Brighton East, 6th February 2009
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Natural Product is an All Purpose Cleaner
I have found simple eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball gets just about everything (from biro marks, sticky labels, band aids, grubby handprints etc.) off walls, timber, plastic, glass and I'm sure it would clean your LCD screen too without any harm. - Contributed by Carol, Copacabana, 6th February 2009
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Eucalyptus Spray Cleaner
Approximate $ Savings: $200 approx a year
I used to buy a lot of cleaning products, like spray and wipe and shower cleaners. Now I make my own. In an empty spray bottle I add about 5ml of eucalyptus oil and the rest water. It is very inexpensive and I use it for all my bench tops, stove top, sink, shower, anywhere. It is a natural disinfectant and makes your home smell beautifully clean. Try it you won't be disappointed . - Contributed by Melissa, Mt. Evelyn, 24th May 2010
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Spray and Wipe Cleaning Routine Saves Scrubbing
Approximate $ Savings:   $3 per week
Fill a spray bottle with water. Stack dishes to wash. Spray cupboard surface and stove with water. By the time you have finished washing up, any residue would have softened enough to just wipe over, without scrubbing or chemicals. Same can apply in shower - just spray sink surface with water, by the time you are out of shower, just give quick wipe over and you're done! No chemicals used, saving environment, money and time. - Contributed by Debbie, Northcliffe, 4th May 2010
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Newspaper Apron for Those Messy Jobs
Put four sheets of newspaper together. Fold in half the long way and cut an arc for under the arms down from the outer corner of the top. Open up and fold the edges down about three cm (as you would fold for a seam). Centre a piece of string 60 cm long inside the fold and tape it closed. Tie the ends of the string together so it hooks easily over your head. Punch a hole inside at the waist on each side. To keep string in place tape firmly over the holes. Free and disposable. - Contributed by Debby, Mullumbimby, 18th April 2010
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Using the Spare Rubber Glove
Whenever one of my rubber washing up gloves springs a leak and I have to throw it out I keep the other glove. Eventually I have two rubber gloves and even if they are both for the same hand I can use them by simply turning on inside out. I rarely if ever run out of rubber gloves. - Contributed by Jeanie, Mullumbimby, 19th March 2010

Editors Note: Don't throw out the glove with the hole. Instead, cut strips from the wrist section of the glove to make sturdy but soft rubber bands. Cut them into strips and they are ideal for tying up plants in the garden. Being soft they don't cut into the plant and as they stretch they are easier to tie loosely around stems, stalks and branches, without breaking them. Cath
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Liquid Dishwasher Liquid

Approximate $ Savings:    $9/month

1/2 cup liquid Castile soap
1/2 cup water
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
3 drops tea tree oil
1/4 cup white vinegar

Mix together all ingredients. Store in a squeeze bottle and use 1 tbsp in the rinse cycle and 1 tbsp in the automatic soap dispenser for normal wash. This is for a 12 place setting size dishwasher. If your dishwasher is larger you will need to adjust the amount you use. -Contributed by Catherine, Croydon, 14th March 2010
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One Bottle, Many Uses
Approximate $ Savings: $10.00 per month at least

Use old spray bottle, well rinsed, one good squirt dish washing liquid (any), one cup white vinegar ($1.29 bottle for two litres) and tap water. Shake, use to clean stove tops after cooking, spray George Forman grills or sandwich grills after cooking. This solution is great for removing grease, spray frying pans or any pan that has burnt food on it, just leave till after dinner then rinse with hot water and white vinegar and detergent, it softens any foods etc left on them. Also spray toilet seats to remove smells etc. Spray sinks and wipe with eco cloth to make it shine. Spray on marks on walls and use cloth to wipe. Spray on mens collars before washing. Vinegar is a disinfectant and a deodorant. - Contributed by Roxana, Yarraman, 6th December 2009
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Not Soap on a Rope - It's Soap in a Stocking!
Approximate $ Savings: $70 per annum

My kids go through liquid soap like there's no tomorrow. As an alternative I've gathered all the unused scraps of soap that normally sit in the bathroom, stuffed them into a stocking and tied it onto the tap in the laundry, so when they're washing their hands after playing in the dirt we're using up soap that would otherwise go to waste. - Contributed by Judy, Coolum Beach, 1st December 2009
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Homemade Stain Remover
Approximate $ Savings: $168 per year

Fed up with spending $15 (or more) monthly on stain removers that didn't always work, I now make my own. Mix equal parts of water, dishwashing liquid and ammonia into an old 3 litre bottle and apply to stain directly before washing. The ammonia can be a bit "wiffy" but don't worry, the smell goes. For $2, 3 litres of this formula lasts me a couple of months and has never let me down. Cost: H/B Ammonia: $1/litre, Dishwashing liquid: $1/litre, Water: less than 1c/litre. - Contributed by Michelle, Hervbey Bay, 11th October 2009
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Whiteboard cleaner
Approximate $ Savings: $15-25

1 cup methylated spirits,
1 cup water
4 drops dishwashing liquid
4 drops essential oil

Mix in a spray bottle. Will clean away marker pen and residue. - Contributed by Michelle, Gosford, 3rd November 2009
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Bath Oil Not Just for Baths
We all know that eucalyptus oil is good for removing the stickiness, but what to do if you don't have any on hand? Rather than wasting time and money heading to the shops, I used QV Bath Oil that I have in the bathroom and it worked a treat! Just rub a small quantity into the stickiness and then wipe off with a cloth. Great for me as I'm about to jump on a plane and didn't have time to go to the shops...and now I don't have a toiletry bag that smells like eucalyptus either! - Contributed by Nicole, Fitzroy North, 4th April 2009
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One Soap Does All Cleaning
We are currently trialling using Sunlight soap for both bathroom, kitchen and laundry.  So far so good.  Mostly we are doing this so that we can use our grey water on the garden, but hopefully it will be cheaper as well! cheers, - Contributed by Marie Lynch, 6th January 2009
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From Bathroom to Kitchen to Laundry to Garage
Following on from the hint about using tea towels instead of paper towel I would like to add that I would only use one roll of paper towel a year! Instead of throwing away face washers and towels when they are getting a bit thin I use them in the kitchen. The towels I cut to approximately the size of a face washer and zigzag around the raw edges and the face washers I use as the are. I use them as dishcloths and for any spills or cleaning around the kitchen. They are more absorbent than the ones you buy and don't cost anything. My grandmother always did this and I have followed her example. I never buy Chux or similar products. - Contributed by Vicki, 22nd January 2009
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Frugal Multi-purpose Cleaner
Approximate $ Savings: Lots of time and money
I was reading through old hints and tips (new to me) and came across a tip on liquid hand soap. Instead of using cheap shampoo I have found that using Spree dishwashing liquid is much more economical. I buy this from Big W and it comes in a 5 litre container and is around $7-$9 not on special. I even go as far as diluting it to about 60-40. It still has great cleaning power and smells lemon fresh. The kids even use it with a cloth I keep under the sink to clean off the basin, they find it fun and I won't stop them because it is so cheap. And hey it even saves me the time of constantly cleaning up after they were in there. Don't forget to re-use the container. - Contributed by Amanda, Edmonton, 20th March 2007
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Multi-Purpose Product
I have created the best multipurpose product which can be used as an air freshener, ironing aid, indoor plant refresher and aid for killing mites on rabbits (could be used on dogs and cats also.) and I am sure you will find many more uses, and it is so cheap!! When my rabbit had mites, I wanted to find a natural alternative to killing them and relieving his itching. I took an empty plastic spray bottle (around $1 at the Reject Shop) and mixed a blend of essential oils (mainly Lavender and orange). I sprayed the solution onto his fur and within days, the mites had gone. I also use the same blend to spray around the house as an air freshener, it smells great. As an ironing aid, it helps lift the wrinkles and leaves your clothes smelling great. I have also used the blend to spray the leaves of my indoor plants, leaving them moist and glossy. Just add 10 - 12 drops of your favourite combination into a small bottle (375ml). I have saved heaps and love the fact that one bottle can be used for many different uses. I hope you enjoy this tip.... - Contributed by Joanne, Glen Waverley, April 6th 2005
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Make Your Own Spray and Wipe
Get an empty spray bottle and fill half with metho and half water. This is great for every room, kitchen bench tops, stove, table, toilet, bathroom vanity, tiles, glass etc. You'll have one bottle for nearly all of your cleaning - Contributed by Tiffany, Port Lincoln, March 11th 2005
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Spray Cleaner Recipe
If you like spray and wipe type cleaning products, you can make a very cheap one yourself. Take an empty spray bottle, 3/4 fill with warm water; add a splash of sugar soap, and a few drops of essential oil (lemon is nice, or eucalyptus). This does as good a job as the shop bought ones. - Contributed by Sarah, Mareeba, August 9th 2006
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Cleaning Products
All-purpose cleaning products such as Ajax, Spray n Wipe, Pine-O-Cleen can be expensive and the fumes intoxicating. To save money mix water (1 cup) and bicarbonate soda (3 tablespoons) together and use on kitchen, bathroom and toilets. The tiny granules lift off dirt and scum easily and smell naturally clean. A small box of bi-carb will last approximately four months and less than $2 a box saves money and time. For added fragrance add a few drops of your favourite oil. - Contributed by Shelley, East Brunswick, August 18th 2006
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10 Litre Bucket of Laundry Detergent for 50 Cents
A 10 Lt bucket costs .50 to make - that's correct. 50 cents and it lasts for ages making general washing at around a few cents per wash. When there are just 2 of us the 10 litre bucket full lasts me 6 weeks. We have lots of visitors who stay and not one woman who has witnessed the cost effective gloop has left without the recipe, including a family of 7 who now use it. Get on with it O.K. 10 litre bucket with lid (a good idea)
1. 1/2 cake of any soap shaved finely. Add to large pot filled with water. Bring to the boil - watch it doesn't spill over.
2. Boil a kettle. 1/2 cup 'Lectric Soda' into bucket with boiling water from kettle. Can now add an oil Eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree oil - a good slug that smells strong at this stage but settles.
3. Add 1/4 cup of 'Borax" to soap mixture (1) stir.
4. Add soap borax mixture to bucket.
5. Fill bucket with cold water. To use: for top loading machines, dissolve 3/4 cup of gloop in hot water then add to wash.
Our daughter has a front loader and uses much less maybe as little as 1/4 cup. This costs so little I don't even mind the dissolving bit. Our washing machine water goes directly onto the grass and the grass looks good. After a day or two the mixture separates, which is normal, just dip the cup and enjoy. To use in a 20 litre nappy bucket just double the quantities. - Contributed by Carol, Mudgegonga, January 15th, 2006
Cleaning Stainless Steel
For a stainless steel sink, you can make them really shine with soda water or white vinegar. After normal use wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. To deep clean, wipe with a solution of ammonia and water or dish detergent and water. Dry thoroughly to avoid spots.
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Disinfectant Wipes
1/2 Cup pine cleaner (or Lysol)
1 1/2 Cups of water
Thick roll of paper towels

Use a canister that holds a half of a paper-towel roll. Cut the roll of towels in half, put it in the container and remove the cardboard insert. Mix the cleaner and water in a cup and pour it over the towels. (Try not to make it sudsy.) Let it sit overnight till all the towels are saturated. Use as you would name-brand disinfectant wipes.
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Cheap Dishwasher Detergent
Have you run out of dishwasher detergent? Use 1 Tbsp. of bi-carb soda with 1 Tbsp. of borax. If you will be using this mixture on a regular basis, add vinegar to the rinse cycle every few loads.
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Furniture Polish
This is so easy to make, and it works!

1 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup lemon juice

Pour oil and lemon juice into a squirt bottle or jar. Stir to combine. To use, dip dust cloth or rag into oil, blot the oil by folding the cloth together, and then dust your furniture. Leaves a beautiful finish!
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Scouring Powder
1 cup bi-carb soda
1 cup borax
1 cup salt

Blend and store in container.
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Vinegar Window Cleaner
1/2 cup white vinegar
4 litres warm water

Just mix and scrub. When washing windows, using newspaper is best.
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Window Cleaner
1/2 tsp liquid soap (detergent)
3 Tbsp. vinegar
2 cups water
1 drop blue food coloring (optional)

Blend well and store in spray bottle.
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Spray & Wipe Cleaner
There is one basic cleaning product I make which I use from benchtops to the bathroom. It has a strong smell but cleans very well!

Extra Strength Multi-Purpose Cleaner
1/4 cup bicarb soda
3/4 cup household ammonia
1/2 cup white vinegar
4 litres warm water
2 drops of food coloring (optional)

Mix all ingredients and store. Pour into spray bottle when needed.
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Better than Gumption Scouring Powder
Approximate $ Savings: at least the $3.00+ that Gumption costs

Recently while assisting a daughter to clean her incredibly dirty dishes I needed scouring powder. I am a long time devotee of Gumption - should say was. She had on hand a lot of bi-carb soda and salt for making playdough so I mixed equal amounts of bi-carb and salt in a dish and dabbed the wet cloth into the mix and it effortlessly removed hardened Weetbix and other unidentifiable substances from saucepans. The saucepans also shone brilliantly afterwards which was a bonus. I have arthritis in my wrists so I was well pleased to clean with so little elbow grease.
Contributed by Kathy O'Loughlin

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